Jenna Brister, one of the hosts of Wi-TV, is a comedienne in New York City, who was born on Groundhog's Day and likes waking up in Brooklyn and seeing her shadow. She is a Moth Storyslam Champion, and has performed at the improv trinity of UCB Theatre, The PIT, and The Magnet.
Jenna grew up in the woods just south of Seattle, going to hockey games with her spy dad and wearing costumes made by her seamstress mom. She impulse-bought two baby Peking ducks while attending Linfield College in Oregon, and raised them in her dorm room, undetected.
Jenna lives it up in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood. Her improv group The Consulate performs all around the city. She co-hosts "The Third Wheel" stand-up show the 1st and 3rd Thursdays every month, and co-hosts "Fireside Stories" with Ash ( on the last Thursday of every month, all at the Belleville Lounge in Park Slope. Jenna is a student and performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and trained at Portland Comedy Sportz. See the inner-workings of her mind at
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Many fans were first wowed by his appearance in Madonna’s video Like a Prayer, but more and more fans flocked to the theatres to see him in Disney’s blockbuster hit "Cool Runnings."  He soon graced many excellent storylines such as "Above the Rim," "Cliffhanger," "Waiting to Exhale," and HBO’s "Oz.During 2004 – 2005, Leon crossed the country while packing houses performing in the theatrical version of New York Times best-selling novel "Friends and Lovers" where he sang the feature cut from the CD "Road Less Traveled titled Will You Be My Wife. Leon had made his film singing debut playing a reggae singer in “The Price of Kissing,” in which he produced and starred in and sang a memorable rendition of Daddy’s Home.  He proceeded to further his musical roles in the dramas of Robert Townsend’s "Five Heartbeats," "The Temptations," as David Ruffin and the authorized biography of "Little Richard" as Little Richard himself. Leon was also in Merchant Ivory’s "Side Streets" and Miramax’s "Buffalo Soldiers" and his memorable cameo role in Michael Mann’s "Ali."
The Blue and White concert is an experimental world music performance, which is fused between traditional Korean rhythm and western music. The term Blue and White is derived from the ancient Chinese classic book, I Ching, the book of changes. I Ching is an Asian’s view point that things change through balance of opposite, yin and yang.  Also, it is analogous to the four direction symbols of Blue Dragon (East), White Tiger (West), Red Phoenix (South), Black Snake-Turtle (North) in Chinese cosmology as well as the four direction symbol used in Trigram.

Artistic director, Vongku Pak's Korean traditional drumming serves as the basis for the mosaic of various cultural tales waiting to be told. Korean traditional drums that were once used throughout Korea for the purpose of spiritual communion, healing and for encouraging various labor forces takes on a new meaning with the Blue and White. The concert will bring together elements of traditional and modern music from east and west as well as other forms of arts such as dance and interactive electronic art. These are new exam of “balance of opposite.” Mr. Pak is hopeful that the Blue and White Concert will bring various communities in Brooklyn together in celebration of our heritages, diversities, unity, balance and harmony. WILLiFEST is proud to present to our attendees this concert brought to you by VP Stage NY and Kumble Theater at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus on the evening of Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 7:30PM. Tickets are $20 for adults and $15 for students and seniors. Tickets are available on the Kumble Theater website here.
Joe finally made the leap to the United States in 1994 and ended up at Rice University in Texas. Moving to Boston in 2001 to take advantage of the well-established comedy scene, Joe quickly became a Boston favorite among comedians and audience members alike.

Cheered on by his fellow comedians, Joe was a finalist in the 2003 Boston International Comedy Festival. During the competition, scouts from NBC and CBS took notice. In 2009, Joe made his network television debut on Late Night With David Letterman and absolutely slaughtered. Since then, Joe can do no wrong, appearing everywhere from Ellen to Ricky Gervais’ new flick The Invention of Lying. In 2010, Joe performed at the White House Radio and Television Correspondent’s Dinner.

Currently, Joe Wong performs regularly in major comedy clubs and colleges throughout the country, as well as benefits and corporate events. His volume of comedy material, his originality, and his "cut-from-a-different-kind-of-mold" character create a persona that audiences can't help but love. Joe Wong will be performing on Sunday night, September 26, 2010 at the Closing Night Gala.
Anwar Robinson is most recognized as one of the top finalists in television's American Idol 2005 competition. Anwar grew up in Newark, NJ and started started to sing when he was eight and was accepted to the Newark Boys' Chorus School. Early in his music endeavors, Anwar had joined the R&B trio A.R.T. of Soul, and signed a production deal with Joshua Thompson. Clive Davis signed the group to his then-new label, J Records. After two years, the group separated and was subsequently released from their contract.

In August 2004, Robinson successfully auditioned for season four of Idol in Washington, DC. He proceeded to the Top 10, and was selected 7th overall. Later, Robinson would tour with the Top 10 contestants and perform for over 500,000 people in over 40 cities in North America. From doing the American Idol tour, Anwar's fans requested more music from him so in 2005 Robinson released an album of cover songs entitled The Truth (About Love). 
Even with a national spotlight on his music career, Anwar felt he should continue to mentor the minds of youth by serving as Vice-Chairperson of New Jersey's United Way's "Celebrity Read Program." He was then asked to join the tour of Jonathan Larson's iconic rock opera, RENT, in 2007-2008. Robinson was also revealed as a theatrical actor in the independent film "The Ski Trip 2: Friends and Lovers" by trailblazing new director Maurice Jamal.Next Anwar was tapped by world-renowned songwriters Ashford & Simpson to originate the lead role in the musical play adaptation of E. Lynn Harris' award-winning novel Invisible Life for a 2008 workshop. In 2009, Anwar released three singles and his powerful self-composed original piece, "Chosen." All three songs are available on itunes as singles. Anwar's new CD "Everything" is scheduled for release in January 2011. SPECIAL OFFER FOR WILLiFEST ATTENDEES: Be the first to purchase an advanced autographed copy before the 2011 release exclusively at WILLiFEST. Offer only available to Festival Pass holders.
WILLiFEST is proud to present the 2010 Winner of the First Annual Music Discovery Competition - Lunic. Lunic is a female-fronted indie rock band from Albany & New York City formed by violist/songwriter Kaitee Page. Born and raised in Albany, NY, Page traveled the world before starting Lunic in early 2008. A classically trained violist and a self-taught pianist, songwriting was a natural progression for Page, whose music reflects the sounds of each city in which she has lived: Nashville, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City and London.
Lunic's highly-anticipated debut album, Lovethief, was released May 14th, 2009 worldwide. Lunic gained national recognition for pioneering  fan-funded albums and was interviewed by ABC's Good Morning America and the New York Times respectively. Since the release of Lovethief, Lunic’s music has been played on 100+ radio stations across America and Canada. Lunic has opened for artists such as Moby, Creed, Company of Thieves and Hypernova. Lunic's first single from Lovethief, "Him" was nominated for Rock Single of the Year by the LA Music Awards. "Him" was also chosen as a Top 3 Finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition Rock Category and the GINA For Missing Persons Songwriter Contest. Lunic will play WILLiFEST 2010 at the Opening Night Gala after party at the Knitting Factory along with actor/singer Thomas Ian Nicholas from the Thomas Nicholas Band and American Pie fame. For tickets and info, please visit the Tickets page.
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