Alter Ego

written by

Linda Gentry

When a couple struggles to recapture their intimate relationship, they turn to a sex therapist that recommends role playing. This works at first, until the wife’s alter ego threatens to take over their lives and ruin their marriage. Once the diagnosis is made, it’s a race against time before one personality crushes the other. It becomes a game of cat and mouse where only the strong survive. Can this young marriage survive the turmoil and come out whole on the other side?


written by

Laura Puccia Valtorta

Mildred, a large, athletic, very bad poet, believes she deserves a trip to Bermuda. She kidnaps her son to steal his VA disability benefits.

Chasing Nightmares

written by

Chris McGowan

Laura Sanders has been plagued with nightmares since she was a young child. After discovering a photograph of the same house from her dreams, she begins asking questions. Not satisfied with her parents’ vague answers and frantic for the truth, she uncharacteristically tricks her friends to join her on this forbidden trip.

Upon arriving at a secluded lake house, Laura shares her true intent of solving this mysterious crime that she believes is associated with her family. Her friends, with disbelief and uncertainty, ultimately comply with Laura’s plea to stay by her side.

Piece by piece, the twisted nightmares begin to take shape, but at a grave price. The sadistic masked man from her dreams is very real and terrorizes them. With several friends already perished and her family now involved, she needs to make the decision to continue seeking justice or submit that dangerous pasts are best left alone and surrender.

Four Glorious Years

written by

Anthony Marinelli

A fictionalized life of Preston Sturges who, from 1940 to 1944, made seven classic all-time great comedies and paved the way for others who dreamed of writing and directing their own movies.

Gone Wild

written by

Kenneth Guidry

A mother and her teenage son travel to New Orleans to tour a college campus right in the middle of Mardi Gras, then find themselves getting caught up in the debauchery as soon as they visit Bourbon Street.


(stage play)

written by

David Earle

Postnuptials is a ménage à trois of love, secrets and drag, set in present day San Diego that begins shortly after newlyweds Kevin and Lillian cross that threshold of matrimony only to have their first night of wedded bliss degenerated into a nightmare of chaos and confusion when a female impersonator from the Las Vegas strip named Joey (a.k.a. Amber Star) arrives at their apartment with the intent of bringing closure with his husband who jilted him the morning after their impromptu wedding in The Little Chapel on the Strip. When the news that Kevin is a homosexual bigamist married to a drag queen reaches the wedding party still at the reception at the Hotel del Coronado; in-laws, a sibling maid of honor, a drunken best man, and a dim-witted ex-fiance join the fray that culminates into a surprise ending while it explores thematic concerns of gay marriage, heterosexual infidelity, the extent of unconditional love, and an individual’s quest to challenge parental conditioning, laid down in childhood that at times may inhibit an adult’s own choices in life, and perhaps the meeting of true minds and hearts in a search for love.


written by

Lisanne Sartor

After her minister husband suffers financial problems, Allyson Flynn is forced to take a regional health center job notifying people that they’ve been exposed to STDs. Though her first case starts out as straightforward gonorrhea notifications at a retirement community, she soon discovers that the case has spread like wildfire and the flames are burning down her front door.

The Date Rape Club

written by

Christine Clayburg

Four highly unstable sexual assault victims set off on a road trip to warn an unsuspecting potential victim, but they aren’t quite done with their therapy yet.

The Strip

written by

Cherie Song

Jessica will do anything for her family with her husband in prison and bills mounting, she needs cold hard cash now. Her prayers are answered one night when she wins a thousand dollars at an amateur striptease contest at the local gentleman’s club. Emboldened by her newly discovered talent, Jessica plunges headfirst into the racy, intriguing and dangerous world of exotic dancing, but at what price?

The Phoenician

written by

L.W. Thomas

When a Phoenician slave wins his freedom from the gladiator games, he returns to his homeland in search of his enslaved family members.

Last of the Burly Girls

written by

John Pisano-Thomsen

Confronted by curious granddaughters who discover “questionable” items in a trunk, 95-year-old Letty Kowalski Baxter recounts her life as a runaway circus orphan turned burlesque soubrette in 1935 New York, her tragic romances, and the backstage rivalry with another showgirl that brought “family” back into her life. “Last of the Burly Girls” is a celebration of late 1930’s New York burlesque at it’s finest (before Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia shut it down) and the indomitable spirit of those fearless, independent women who graced the burlesque stage while surviving the Depression and a sexist world.

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