WILLiFEST congratulates our 2017 Commercial Competition winners

This is the 3rd year of our Commercial Competition and picking the winners from the many excellent submissions we received was a difficult task.

The Pitch

Client: Cannondale

Roberto Serrini

Bio: Serrini studied writing, then photography, then editing to become a director. His style is a culmination of these tools, combined with the learned appreciation for communication that one acquires being a professional traveller. His focus in on small stories with big emotions, advertising that gets you thinking, and films that get you feeling.


Concept: What goes on in a creative’s mind when he pitches a new idea… maybe now we know.

I don’t think that’s a leaf blower

Client: Doritos

Stefano Pennisi


Two friends find a weird looking leaf blower and decide to show their friend Brian. The goal of this commercial was to think of a fun and clever way to cycle through all the stereotypes of what usually sells in a Doritos commercial (a baby, a puppy, a pretty woman).


Client: Unilever

Ben Dolphin


Highly technical and great fun, shot in 3D using two Phantom High Speed Digital Cameras…here presented in 2D.

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